OP House (outpatient house) is the second phase of our program.  The structure is set up for more freedom allowing individuals to have more of a relaxed environment but still requiring them to abide by certain structures in order to stay in the program.

In order to leave phase I and into phase II one must show and prove that he/she is truly working towards rebuilding and reestablishing their life to the Staff of phase I such as successfully completing all the necessary requirements of phase I.  If an individual in phase I has any court issues such as traffic tickets, drivers license issues, parking tickets, misdemeanors and or felony charges pending they must show the staff of phase I that they are handling them responsibility. 

Once you are in phase II a mandatory curfew of 10:00 p.m. (((NO EXCEPTIONS))) unless working the night shift on the individuals job.  The individual must attend three (3) AA groups per week, OP behavior group, the phase I behavior group, and must acquire a sponsor.  Also, OP members are required to get a checking account and show the ability to manage and handle their own money and finances which reestablishes ones credibility. Generally as in most cases but not all cases OP members have their own transportation and they are required to have that such vehicle assessed with the assessors office and have and maintain proper vehicle insurance as required by the State of Arkansas. 

As an older family member, OP members are required to return to phase I and help out and lend a hand by being a correspondent to the younger family members as they are roll models for the younger members in phase I.

The OP House is Co-ed with one side of the house for the women and the other side for the men. It required you to leave one side of the house to enter the other side. There is no access inside the house from the women's side to the men's side.
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